The destructive power of greed and foolhardy!

Yo, earlier this morning, I was scrolling through twitter and hey, I stumbled upon a tweet I thought I should share! Greed, foolhardy or whatever you call it won't actually be enough to do justice to what term should be used to describe the chic in the center of this gist, damn! I'ma share you... Continue Reading →

The discography of one of my artists of 2018!

Yo, you love music? Then let's take a look at the discography of one of the best artists I love so much.. I didn't get to know Post Malone, 23, until 2017 when I jammed his hit single he roasted with Quavo, 'congratulations'. Ever since then, I've never for once walked past any new song... Continue Reading →

That girl next-door is a cockblocker!

Hey, you're stuck with me but I'm never going to be yours!. That's the anthem of Cockblockers, it keeps echoing in their minds like some sound energies trapped between four unpadded walls. Yo, get on the floor and let's dance through this short story.. Hey, I met this pretty lil thing on a silent eve... Continue Reading →

Crawling out of the friendzone…

Yeah, I legit understand y'all swimming in a pool of the friendzone are getting burnt by the water which is supposed to have a soothing effect on your mind, body and soul, but hell nah, you don't wana swim no more.. Hell nah, you just wana get outta this zone and have the girl or... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the friendzone…

Hey, have you ever crashed into a zone more dangerous than a lion's den, a zone to which our generation is supposed to be married in this era full of heartbreaks and fake loves? Have you ever been stuck between a rock and a hot cave and wondered what else could be more devastating? Maybe... Continue Reading →

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