When I was 15, I had an abortion..

14 years later, I'm still suffering from the trauma, omg 😔 Yo, have you ever been stuck on a past traumatic event that leaves you fixed and you just don't know how to let go? This is legit a true life story of a 15yr old whose parents overprotective acts have left her swimming in... Continue Reading →


See who is our Friday giveaway winner..

Yo, remember last Friday giveaway sponsored by Belliabeauty? Yeah, y'all do I bet.. Yoooo, We had 8 correct answers out of the number of people that participated.. •Barbra Fleek •Rhea •Creamy •Soulmemoir •The valueadder •Dami •Horeh •Tonibelle Hey, we got our lucky winner who's gon be dancing home with one of the skincare products from... Continue Reading →

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