She taught me: “money is everything”…

Yo, let me hit y'all with a short picture story. Money doesn't necessarily form the root of all happiness. But yo, it's often the stem of almost all happiness.. There's this shawty I wanted so much. We were very close friends but I wanted more, yeah she also wanted more but she's too endowed to... Continue Reading →


In times like these (a poem)

In times like these, The rain falls so hard Releasing memories of our past love And the June wind blows Flaring up realities of our lives In times like these, Our hearts, a million miles away And my body aches for yours With only memories to recall The stolen moments. In times like these, When... Continue Reading →

Yo, I am fucked šŸ˜”

It's actually not funny how when I get very close to a girl, they start catching feelings šŸ˜¢ šŸ˜¢ šŸ˜” Can't y'all just be friends with a nigga that gives you a lotta attention without falling in love and ruining everything huh? Even though emotional, I don't fall in love easily. I'm broken, I've been... Continue Reading →

Note to my girl šŸŒ¹

Yoo, to the girl of my dreams, this one is for you.. I'll be your sunshine, trust me to run you dry when you get drenched in the rain. You'r my heart, you breathe life into my soul.. When you'r down, remember I'm just one call away.. You can count on me like 123 and... Continue Reading →

Download strings and Bling -Nasty C

Yaaaay, who else is excited, Nasty C finally dropped his album.. The 21 year old South African Rap sensation, Nasty Cā€™s much-anticipated sophomore album, Strings and Bling is finally here!! The album came through dripping with 17 tracks šŸ”„ You wana listen now, I bet y'all don't got a choice.. Follow this Link here to... Continue Reading →

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